The Metanoia Catholic Academy

Be fully engaged in the advancement of God's Kingdom with your unique design, mission, and battle.

Get Engaged in a Catholic Community that’s Committed to Advancing God’s Kingdom.

Welcome to the Metanoia Catholic Academy, where fellow Catholics come together to discover and engage their unique design, mission, and battle. This encouraging community is filled with dedicated Catholics and seasoned guides who are ready to help you grow, advance in your personal journey, and persevere in the universal call to holiness.

We help you engage your Unique Design

  • Discover and learn how to apply your unique gifts and talents in everyday life.
  • Grow your talents into strengths and share them with greater courage and conviction.
  • Gain strategies for managing weaknesses and build more time to do what you do best.

We help you engage your Unique Mission

  • Learn how to discern and gain clarity on your Unique Mission.
  • Grow patience with where God has you today and learn how to persevere when mission gets hard.
  • Learn to integrate your mission with daily duties so it is an enhancement to vocation, not a distraction.

We help you engage your Unique Battle

  • Learn to distinguish enemy attacks from your own shortcomings, and how to deal with both.
  • Flip enemy assaults into opportunities for grace and resilience and keep persevering.
  • Identify where you are vulnerable to attack and build daily disciplines to stay strong in the fight.

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What you’ll find in the Academy

  • Opportunities to pray together in a supportive Catholic community
  • Guided Resources for exploring your Unique Design, Mission, and Battle
  • Options to connect with professional Catholic coaches
  • Periodic Community Challenges for shared growth and accountability
  • Amazing discussions and supportive connections as you journey

It Starts with Engaging your Unique Design, Mission, and Battle

The Metanoia Catholic Academy helps you become fully alive in your faith and gain clarity in God's will for your life by engaging your 3 Pillars of Unique Design, Mission, and Battle.